Welcome to c³ College Consultant Consortium

Welcome to c³ College Consultant Consortium. Your college plan. Our national team. We are excited to launch our new website and welcome you to follow our blog.

Our consortium was established in 2016, uniting a passionate group of independent college consultants to create a professional network focused on sharing resources and expertise. As high school students apply to a greater number of schools over a wider geographic region each year, we recognized that c³ could provide expert local knowledge regardless of a school’s location.

The founding members of c³ are based in college-rich locations and are experts on many highly desirable colleges. Our professionals are highly qualified and educated.  Our team combines solid experience in admissions, business, education and law. We share a common commitment to serving our local communities, adhering to the highest level of professional ethics and giving back to local and national communities where there is need.

With a c3 college consultant, you get the best of both worlds: the opportunity to work with a college admissions expert and the power of a national team supporting them. We each strive to be leaders in the college admissions and financial aid arena. To do so, we regularly tour colleges, meet with admissions professionals and attend conferences.

Let’s run through a few real life examples of the power of c³:

A family in Chicago is interested in hiring an amazing college consultant to manage their daughter’s college admissions search. She plans to become an engineer and attend college in New York or Boston. Through our consortium, this family can hire locally in Chicago plus benefit from the knowledge base of our members in the NY and Boston areas.

A Florida family wants to select an outstanding local college consultant to help find an affordable college for their son. He is open to best fit schools around the country. A few ways this family benefits from c3 include:

  • Knowledge through our hundreds of school visits
  • Results with our students admitted at a wide range of schools nationally
  • Current updates on trends in local markets
  • Collaboration to suggest best fit schools
  • Knowledge of previous scholarship awards

A talented musician in Nebraska is looking into music performance programs that fit her musical style and ambitions… c³ has a consultant with deep knowledge of schools that would develop her musicianship and give her opportunities to launch her career.

Please bookmark this web page and learn about the college search process and the resources to help you and your family. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback.


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